Frequently Asked Questions for Heat Pumps

1)    Why should I use a heat pump ?

Heat pumps are one of the most environmentally efficient ways of heating water.  This decreases the demand for electricity and can save up to70% of water heating costs.  Also, the less the demand on available electricity from ESKOM, the less the stress on the existing power infrastructure.   This kind of energy efficient system contributes globally to the decrease in carbon emissions which are responsible for global warming.  See   environment global-warming gw-effects  for the effects of global warming.

2)    How will a heat pump save me money ?

For every 4 units of electricity used by your geyser, a heat pump will use only 1 unit.  Therefore, if your water heating costs amount to R1200 per month, by using a heat pump you will reduce this cost to approximately R380 per month.

3)    Are heat pumps better than solar panels ?

A solar system has limitations in that it is dependent on daylight and is less efficient during the winter months when there is less irradiation from the sun.

Heat pumps are able to deliver hot water irrespective of the time of day and the season of the year.

Heat pumps installed by Power Saving Solutions can provide a continuous supply of hot water.

4)    How hot will the water be ?

Heat pumps can deliver hot water at any temperature up to 60 deg C.   The operating parameters of the heat pump are controlled by the intelligent digital controller.

5)    What will my pay back period be ?

In hot water applications, the saving are extremely attractive especially where there is a high demand for hot water.Industrial applications can have a payback period of a few months if the system is designed correctly for the clients specific needs

With the electricity price escalating at the present rate, the payback period can range from a few months to 2 – 3 years, depending on the demand for hot water.

6)    How quickly does a heat pump heat the water ?

A 4.7kW heat pump will heat the water of an existing geyser at a faster rate than the elements in a conventional geyser.

7)    Is there a warranty on my heat pump ?

The heat pumps installed by Power Saving Solutions have a limited warranty of 1 year and an unlimited warranty of 5 years.

8)    What is the lifespan of a heat pump ?

A heat pump life expectancy is in excess of 10 years, providing that the system is correctly installed by accredited installers and the system is well maintained.

The many years of study and experience in the field of electrical engineering, physics,thermodynamicsand refrigeration enable us to provide the client with profesional  information regarding the correct design of the system and its abilities.



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