Domestic Heat Pumps

Homes – A 4.7kW heat pump can be coupled to your existing geyser.  The cost of heating this water with the correctly sized and installed heat pump will save you as much as 70% on your water heating costs, as compared to a geyser with an element.

Domestic 4.7kW heat pumps have a UV protected plastic enclosure which ensures maximum protection of the heat pump from the environment.

Key Features

Quiet operation

Plastic casing

Fully automated controller with defrost functions for use in extremely cold environments

Corrosion resistant

Bluchem treatment application for harsh coastal environment ensures maximum efficiency of heat pumps

Intelligent digital controller ensures the highest possible efficiency of the heat pump

Heat pumps installed ensure a constant hot water supply irrespective of the temperature in the geyser

Rebates available

The present rebate available from ESKOM for a geyser size of up to 300 litres is R3668.

The rebate available from ESKOM for a hot water volume in excess of 301 litres up to 500 litres is R4320.   Geysers can be coupled together where there are two geysers in one home.

The rebate available is a hassle free system provided by Power Saving Solutions on installation whereby the rebate is immediately passed on to the client.

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