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What is a Heat Pump? :

A Heat pump is the most efficient solution for heating water . Heat pumps make use of refrigeration principle to capture and transport heat from a heat source to a heat sink..The heat source is the ambient air around the heat pump and the heat sink is the hot water vessel into which the heat is transfered..   Heat pumps can be used in many different applications.In residential homes smaller systems are used that consume very little power. In commercial and industrial applications larger systems are used . These systems need to be correctly designed for the application.The lifespan of the heatpump will be maximized if correctly designed for the application. Professional advice from trained personell in the disciplines of electrical&refrigeration engineering will ensure that your heat pump installation will achieve the maximum savings on your ever increasing electricity bill  Heat pumps are designed not to run on a continual basis, as with any refrigeration device. Heat pumps require maintanence to maintain optimum efficiency. The COP of a heat pump(co-efficient of performance) is dependant on the ambient temperature in which the heat pump is operating.The warmer the air the higher the COP.

Industrial heat pumps can either be AIR SOURCE HEAT PUMP OR WATER SOURCE HEAT PUMPS. Air sourse heat pumps are used where there is a lot of wasted hot air available and water source heat pumps are used where there is a lot of wasted heat in water available.

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